Pembly Cosmetology


Wednesday MARCH 18 2015
Wednesday APRIL 15 2015
Wednesday MAY 13 2015

Specialising in safe, cosmetic treatments that work Claire Parsons from Pembly Cosmetology will be joining our team monthly.

Pembly Cosmetology has earned an impeccable reputation for patient care. Combining precise administration of product whilst giving careful attention to client expectations is of paramount importance. Pembly Cosmetology is an industry leader, producing the best possible outcome for our patients every time.

Highly experienced Doctors and Nurses from Pembly Cosmetology offer a range of world leading dermal fillers and anti wrinkle treatments. Pembly Cosmetology is a state wide cosmetic anti-ageing service that prides itself on the meticulous and precise delivery of products to each individual body and face. During your initial appointment, Claire will draw from her extensive experience and years of specialist training to design and implement a program of world class dermal fillers and anti wrinkle treatments to visibly smooth wrinkles, refine or define facial contours, rehydrate and rejuvenate damaged skin.

Claire is a highly trained and qualified expert injector who performs non-surgical anti-ageing procedures comfortably and accurately. All her preventative and post-wrinkle treatments are conducted safely, painlessly and professionally and adhere to medical best practice guidelines. The cosmetic medicines used in all procedures are proven, reversible and breakdown naturally in the body over time.

Pembly Cosmetology also offers the skilled services of Dr Simon Rosenbaum. Simon is an experienced surgeon and specialises in facial cosmetic surgery, lipo suction and breast augmentation.

All Pembly Cosmetology consultations free of charge and appointments can be made on 1300 857 200 or through Asthetique Skin Care on 5822 1833.