Electrolysis is a progressively permanent hair reduction treatment.

A fine metal probe is gently slid into the base of the hair follicle, to where the cells responsible for growing the hair are situated.

Intensity is applied to the base of the follicle which destroys the cells that grow the hair.

During the treatment you may experience a heat sensation which is associated with the intensity being applied.

The treatment is called progressively permanent hair reduction as it is difficult to destroy all the cells after one treatment. If the cells aren't destroyed the hair will grow back finer, softer and lighter until eventually all the cells are destroyed and the follicle is unable to produce another hair.

Everybody is different so it is difficult to say the exact amount of treatments you will need. It is dependent on the size of the hair, how often you are willing to come in for treatments and possible other factors such as hormones and medication you may be currently using.

The immediate effects of electrolysis on the skin are redness and slight local swelling. We apply a soothing gel and/or ice to the area after treatment and you are advised to avoid the following for 24 hours - touching of the area and sun exposure.

5 minutes $23
10 minutes $27
15 minutes $33
20 minutes $37


From $45


From $25

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Shape, Buff & Clear Polish $30
Shape, Buff & Colour Polish $35
Manicure or Pedicure & Clear Polish $52
Manicure or Pedicure & Colour Polish $57

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Shellac technology combines the ease of polish with the permanence of gel. It is thin and flexible like polish so it not only looks natural, it provides strong nail protection.

Shellac can be applied as a stand alone treatment or as an add on to our manicures and pedicures. Available in clear, colour and french.

Shellac Hands Colour or French $60
Shellac Feet Colour or French $50
Shellac Hands Colour or French as 'Add On' to Manicure $27
Shellac Feet Colour or French as 'Add On' to Pedicure $22
Soak Off Only Shellac Nails (hands) $30

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We use and stock Jane Iredale mineral cosmetics. Jane Iredale is formulated without FD&C dyes, chemical preservatives like parabens or synthetic fragrance and it doesn't contain fillers such as talc. As you wear this make-up, you will see how flawless and dewy your skin looks.

Bridal & Special Occasion $64
Debutante/Formals $59
Trials $50
Lashes Please enquire

Foundation Colour Match $17
A 15 minute consultation where we find your perfect foundation colour.

Tips & Tricks $59
A 45 minute one-on-one make up application lesson. The $59 is redeemable on Jane Iredale products purchased on the day of your lesson.

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Eyelash $21
Eyebrow $14
Eyelash & Eyebrow $29


This treatment is an instant 'root lift' for natural lashes. The lashes literally sit upwards towards the brow line.

It is hugely popular with clients who don't like the high-maintenance factor of lash extensions but still want lashes that look amazingly long and have strong curvature.

Lashlift $80
Lashlift with Lash Tint $90

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Leg $30
Upper Leg $33
¾ Leg $38
Full Leg $43
Bikini $22
G-String $35
Brazilian $58
Brazilian - Maintenance $48
Under Arm $22
Arm $25
Full Arm $30
Eyebrow $20
Lip $13
Chin $18
Sides $18
Chest $40
Back $40
Stomach $22

Waxing combinations are available (please enquire)