We are confident we have researched and found skin care products that are based on the science of the skin, ensuring they do what they say they can do for your skin and most importantly, all while keeping your skin healthy as whole.

dermaviduals.....a dermatological skin care with an individual solution to every skin condition.

This means we can prescribe products to specifically treat your skin's needs at a particular point in time and then adapt the products to your skin as it changes (a great analogy is that if your doctor has prescribed you blood pressure tablets, as your blood pressure improves your medication will change to reflect the improvement in your condition; rather than simply continuing with the same prescription). This is what we aim to do with dermaviduals and your skin

dermaviduals is a fantastic product that is true to what we believe in as it not only treats your skins conditions at a particular point in time but also works on preventing them from occurring. The reason it does this is because the products have been produced on the basis of corneotherapy. Corneotherapy is the science of maintaining and restoring healthy skin.dermaviduals is the first product in the world to contain ingredients that actually mimic our skin. This allows for effective penetration of products into the skin, deeper than any other product, without the aid of machinery. All products are free of preservatives, emulsifiers, mineral oils, silicones and perfumes, meaning the skin has less chance of irritation and the products are able to work in the skin effectively without destroying the skins natural barrier.

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This is a topic that causes confusion all the time and you will read or hear conflicting advice from different product companies, TV ads, magazine articles as well as different skin therapists. Exfoliation is the shedding or peeling of dead skin cells from the upper layer of your skin. It occurs naturally in healthy skin but like all body processes it slows down as we age and if our skin cells aren't getting enough of the proper nutrition to function well. This shedding is what we refer to as cell turnover, the number of days it takes for a cell to shed from the time it is born. Cell turnover in healthy skin occurs on average as follows:  Age 20's - 15-25 days  Age 30's - 25-35 days  Age 40's - 35-45 days and so on.

So as we age it does becomes necessary to help the process along with skin care products. The idea is to gently encourage the natural shedding process in order for the skin's surface to appear as smooth as possible, all while keeping the all-important skin barrier intact. A damaged barrier is the root of all skin issues. Inflammation caused by over exfoliation causes all sorts of problems, not to mention premature ageing. Signs of over exfoliation:  Tight skin (both a feeling of tightness and the skin literally looking stretched out and taught)  Translucent skin (as if it were almost sheer)  Shiny skin (as if it were just polished)  More sensitivity than usual  Irritated skin  Dryness  Redness

It is not unusual for someone to tell us that they exfoliate twice weekly or even daily when they first come in for an initial consultation. However, looking at the rate of cell turnover above we can see that this is too often and in fact a case of over exfoliation. Not quite sure why? Let's assume you exfoliate on the first day of the month and you are in your 30's, then there is a fresh layer of skin on the surface that won't turnover completely for around 30 days. What possible benefit can there be in exfoliating the next day or even the next week? None at all. You are in fact hurting that fresh skin which will in all likelihood shorten it's lifespan and disrupt the skin barrier.

You will also hear a lot about increasing the cell turnover rate as a method of anti-aging. While it is true that younger skins turn over cells more rapidly, it does not follow that reproducing this in older skin will reverse time! The reason younger skin reproduces quickly is because the skin's natural capability to regenerate itself slows down as we get older. The answer lies in boosting cell nutrition to make sure that the skin cells have the fuel they need to carry out the natural processes as efficiently as possible. We know that skin needs many elements to function correctly including peptides, anti-oxidants, lipids, hyaluronic acid and epidermal growth factors. Therefore replacing these in your skincare routine and clin-ic treatments is the answer to slowing down the ageing process. Constant scrubbing, harsh cleansing and over exfoliation just weakens the skin and causes it to divert it's resources to healing damage and away from keeping itself healthy, leaving you worse off than when you started!

So next time you go to exfoliate or 'scrub', stop and think if you really should be doing this. Or are you doing more harm than good?


Skin Juice is a unique, Australian-owned skin care will be available at Asthetique as of January 2015.

Like the body, the skin requires certain nutrients, proteins, minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids in order to survive and thrive. Complimenting our beliefs, Skin Juice has eveloped their products using ingredients that will nourish the skin in the same manner as a balanced diet nourishes the body.

Their products feature pure and organic bio-active ingredients which means that they naturally metabolise to balance, repair and feed the skin at a deep cellular level. This provides a healthy botanical diet to nurture a full range of skin types and conditions, while working harmoniously with the skin to achieve a beautiful balance.

It is important to note, especially in younger skins, that no product or ingredient should inhibit the natural flow of oil or excretory process: rather, they should seek to regulate natural oil production, in order to promote balance and strengthen the skin's own natural defence systems.

This is where Skin Juice products are fantastic as well as affordable. They rely on compatible ingredients to absorb through the natural intercellular systems within the skin,
encouraging the skin to improve and maintain its condition - food that is good for the skin.

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