'I have been going to Asthetique Skin Care for treatments of skin related conditions (mainly acne and acne scarring) for quite some time now. I have received amazing results over the past 2 years but it just seemed like my skin had gotten to a stage where it wasn't getting any worse but it wasn't getting any better.
That was until I started using the dermaviduals products, in the first week my skin was feeling more hydrated and looking less inflamed. The moisturiser and serums are amazing products as they are formulated especially for your skin and the changes it makes as well as the exact things you want to treat! I feel that dermaviduals has taken my skin to the next level and I am continuing to notice improvements in my skin.
Thanks to the team at Asthetique Skin Care.'
Celeste - Echuca

'Hi my name is Nerrina and I would like to thank Lisa at Asthetique Skin Care for giving back my confidence as I suffer severe rosacea. I wish I had before and after photo's to show you how good my skin is now. People no longer stare at me like I have put my face in a bucket of boiling water or ask me what I have done. Friends tell me how good I look now.
Thank you Asthetique Skin Care.'
Narrina - Bonnie Doon

'After spending 14 years with constant pain due to an old lower back injury, I decided to see Lisa and try Bowen Therapy. Much to my suprise, after a few sessions with Lisa, my pain has drastically subsided to the point where I am now living pain free.
Deb - Shepparton

'Since using dermaviduals I have been rewarded with significant benefits to my skin. I no longer feel congested and less breakouts are occurring. My skin is a lot smoother and my scaring has also faded. All of this has given me more confidence. I would also like to note that the product is quick and easy to apply. Thanks again Shellie and the team for introducing me to dermaviduals'
Rosie - Kialla

'At 26 years old I was still suffering from severe cystic acne. I had tried everything from countless topical treatments, years of antibiotics, roaccutane and laser treatment.
It was suggested by the staff at Asthetique Skin Care that I try the Problem Skin Tonic and Liquid Zinc to start treating the problem from the inside out. From there I starting using the dermaviduals skin care range combined with regular mini facials. The results were amazing. I stopped having breakouts and my skin was so much smoother and hydrated.
Now that the breakouts have stopped I am treating the acne scarring with dermal rolling. After just 3 treatments the scars look more even and the skin is smoother.'
Naomi - Shepparton

'I had IPL treatments from Simone about 5 years ago and the results are still amazing today. With the IPL treatment being so easy and straight forward I decided that I would go back for more, the results speak for themselves. I recommend everyone try IPL.'
Deb - Shepparton

'Over the years I have had several minor back problems with one significant shoulder injury which required quite a lot of chiropractor work to get working again. That was 8 years ago and since then I have suffered a large number of migraines. Despite going to both massage and chiropractors, I still got the migraines.
By chance I came across Lisa and her Bowen Therapy and thought I would give it a go. It was gentle - to the point I didn't think anything had happened. But during the week I felt more and more relaxed. I since followed up with 4 more sessions. Progressively my shoulder, neck and hip have improved dramatically.
The migraines have stopped and I actually am standing taller, by standing straight! I particularly find Lisa's treatment to be relaxing, virtually pain free not as intense as harsh massaging or chiropractor work.
Importantly it doesn't seem to be a short-term fix.
Phil - Cobram