Healthy skin, starts from within ⚡

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It is essential to moisturise and nourish your skin from within.
We have you covered topically, but do you know whats happening internally?


Between them, Bestow Beauty Oil and Bestow Beauty Powder are essential for optimal skin health. That’s why we call them the Twin Skin Essentials.

BESTOW BEAUTY OIL moisturises your skin from the inside out, by feeding the skin cells at the deepest layer of the epidermis. Rich in EFA’s, it helps to clear congestion, makes your skin feel soft, smooth and velvety and gives it a natural, luminous glow. Containing organic cold pressed flaxseed, safflower oil, coconut, evening primrose and blackcurrant seed oils.

BESTOW BEAUTY POWDER nourishes your skin from within. Rich in the nutrients your skin needs to produce anti-ageing structures like collagen and elastin. This superfood blend promotes youthful, healthy skin with a vital glow from ingredients such as Certified organic cold pressed flaxseed, pumpkin and coconut flour, certified organic spirulina and kelp just to name a few. 

So easy to take, you can blend them in your smoothies, mix them in your morning oats or sprinkle them over your yogurt. 

We are no Naturopath, so for some clients we would still recommend talking to an expert about what to take internally. And how lucky are we, we have Kelly from Nutriessence in the salon every Tuesday and Wednesday! 

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