Non-toxic, chemical & nasty free personal care & cleaning products



Here at Asthetique Skin Care we’re always treating your overall skin health from a truly holistic approach. We’re such passionate therapists & when it comes to healthcare, it’s so important now more than ever that we choose a chemical free option. 

With that in mind, we are thrilled to now provide you with non-toxic, chemical & nasty free personal care & cleaning products that align perfectly with our stand alone skincare range dermaviduals. 

• Deodorants • Toothpaste • Hand wash • Shampoo
• Conditioner & much more to come!

Your skin is the largest organ & being that its porous, whatever you put on it is absorbed like a sponge. Things like harsh & toxic chemicals, colours, fragrance to name a few. Sometimes we don’t stop to think or realise exactly what we come into contact with & use so readily everyday. Like our skincare, in salon treatments in some clinics all the way down to toothpaste & body wash. 

It’s quite scary to think that these pesky & harmful nasties in actual fact make their way into your body, blood & lymphatic system. 
Yikes! 😵☠️

We continue to work alongside with our resident naturopath Kelly Dreyer of Nutriessence when treating your skin concerns & are committed to helping you have a chemical & toxin free home in all aspects of everyday living. 

Pop into salon for a chat & see for yourself how you & your family can start living clearer, healthier lives. 🌿☀️

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