Bowen Therapy may help your new born or toddler


There are many reasons why a new born or toddler may need Bowen👶🏻 -
• Birth trauma
• Colic, reflux
• Problems feeding
• Nervous or anxious baby...
• Constipation, bloating or wind
• Difficult to settle, restless, sleepless
Colic and reflux are usually at the top of any parents list with a newborn. Presenting in the first few weeks, and in some cases persisting up until the age of six months. Baby Bowen can help shorten the amount of time it takes to settle.
An unsettled baby tends to have an overactive fight/flight response. This keeps them tense, anxious, easily startled and difficult to relax. By helping their little nervous system rebalance with Bowen, this creates a cascade effect of feeling more comfortable, calm, passing of wind and a drowsy little one 😴 which they will eventually sleep deeper and longer!

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