Have you seen us on TV?


If you have missed us during the commercials, we've got the clip right here for you to watch.  It's all about our IPL Permanent Hair Reduction Offer.

What if we told you, we could save you up to $700 on your IPL Permanent Hair Reduction treatments?!

You’ve probably thought about having IPL permanent Hair Reduction but not sure where to go or who to see. You also want to make sure you’ve been given the correct information for you, and be confident that your therapist has undergone the best training and that they are constantly keeping up to date. 

Come in and see us at Asthetique Skin Care!
Not only will we provide you with a professional and thorough consultation, but with our 5 years’ experience you can rest assure that you’ll be in safe hands.
We’ll answer all of your questions and let you in on all there is to know about IPL, and we will also provide you with a comfortable (& relatively painless 😉) treatment. 

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