Autumn 2019 - SPECIAL



The Autumn air is much drier than Summer, and dry air can lead to irritated, rough, dry and tight skin. 

Irritated skin at this time of the year can be due to the loss of moisture in the skin.  This is a great indicator for us to assess your skincare routine, and see what there might be that we can add or change.

To prevent your skin from suffering, customising bespoke dermaviduals products containing lipids, EFAs, antioxidants ect, is key to keeping skin soft, smooth and resistant to environmental stressors.

For Autumn, we’ll be running a special on customised blue bottles (serum bottles), customised moisturisers & face masks. This offer will run until 31st May 2019.

Blue Bottle 1- $109 (normally $139)
Blue Bottle 2- $124 (normally $169)
Custom blended moisturisers & face mask -$100 (normally $135)

(please note that price variances between blue bottles is due the active serums we use)