Plutioderm Fluid

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Acne and congested skin can be such a painful and socially debilitating skin condition to live with.  Not to mention, having acne just plain sucks!

With the release of @dermaviduals new Plutioderm Fluid this month you can wave goodbye to acne and say hello to a new complexion of glowing, acne free skin. 

Plutioderm Fluid supports the skin on many levels.  It contains Salicylic Acid, which is a keratolyic agent, meaning it decongests the skin and slows down the formation of further blackheads and pimples.  Its jam packed full of plant extracts that have proven results on wound healing.

Also, it’s antibacterial, supplies essential antioxidants to the skin as well as has astringent properties.  The saccharides that are in this new formulation create a unique way to increase moisture in the skin, which is essential for even desquamation, which means your skin cells will shed evenly and on time so you don’t have congestion. 
There's no need to suffer with acne anymore!